Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract

Performance Foodservice proudly presents Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract. Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract is dark brown in color and delivers an authentic, satisfying sweet flavor from quality imported vanilla beans. To use the word “Pure,” the FDA requires a minimum of 13.35 oz of vanilla beans to a gallon of minimum 35% alcohol and 65% water. Vanilla Extract that is not labeled “Pure” means the product likely contains artificial and synthetic ingredients.

Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract comes packed in clear, PET 6/32- fl oz. bottles per case, and has a convenient flip top cap. With the flip top cap design, this product can be dispensed a few drops at a time, or the cap can be removed to add larger amounts. Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract is ideal to add rich vanilla flavor to cookies, cakes, tarts, French toast, custards, frostings, ice cream, and more!

Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract inspires menu applications with its appealing, dependable flavor, making foods sweeter and helping other ingredients reach their full delicious potential. This product addition is the perfect complement to the Magellan® spice, herb, and seasoning rollout launched in 2020. Magellan® Pure Vanilla Extract is available now, just in time for the holidays!

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