Performance Foodservice Branded Pan Sprays

Introducing our portfolio of Brilliance®, Piancone®, Roma®, West Creek®, and Silver Source® Cooking, Baking and Seasoning Pan Sprays. Lightly coat cooking surfaces and utensils for easy pan release to reduce cleanup, spray on foods to add subtle flavor, or give foods a nice crisp when frying or baking them. Each of our exclusive branded aerosol pan sprays in our portfolio can play a specific role in the kitchen with versatile, convenient, and safe applications for every operator’s need.

Select from our offerings of a price-fighter Silver Source® Sauté & Grill, soy-based West Creek® Baking Spray, Roma® Butter Flavor Pan Coating, Piancone® 85/15 Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Canola Coating, and our allergen-free Brilliance® High Heat & Grill Release Canola Oil.

Packed in 6/17-ounce aerosol cans per case and stored at room temperature, our portfolio of pan sprays is super convenient and labor-saving. One or more of these products are must-haves in any kitchen.

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