Aji Verde Chicken Wrap


  1. Preheat oil to 350°F.
  2. From frozen, place in a fryer basket, submerge in oil, and shake basket. Do NOT over pack product in basket. Cook the product for 3 - 4 minutes shaking the basket occasionally during cooking.
  3. For yuca fries, peel off the yuca and cut into large fry wedges. In a large pot with boiling water add the fries and cook until fork tender then fries until crispy and set aside.
  4. For ahi verde aioli: mix light mayo and ahi verde sauce and set aside.
  5. For build: grab a warm flour tortilla, spread the ahi verde aioli, sauced chicken bites, lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cut in half on a bias (optional) and serve with yuca fries.


  • 1-2 ea Tyson Red Label® NAE Frozen Uncooked Golden Crispy Breaded Chicken Tenders
  • 4 oz Aji Verde, commercially prepared
  • 1 ea Flour tortillas
  • 1 tbsp Aji Verde aioli
  • mayonnaise, light, as needed
  • Romaine lettuce leaves, chopped, as needed
  • 2 to 4 slices cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 1 oz tomato(es), cherry, halved
  • Yuca fries, as needed