Fried Ribs and Waffles


  1. Smoke or roast ribs until tender. Cut three single bones off rack of ribs and batter and fry for 2 minutes in deep fryer
  2. Prepare waffles and hold warm

  3. Mix bbq and butter together and hold warm

  4. Plate waffles and layer ribs on top of waffles. Drizzle bbq butter over the top of plate. Option drizzle of hot honey on top of the entrée. Serve


  • Batter Mix, as needed
  • 2 oz butter
  • 1 tbsp Hot Honey, optional
  • 2 oz Jala-Mango BBQ
  • 3 pieces Allegiance St Louis ribs, single bone, roasted or smoked
  • 2 pieces waffle(s), frozen or in house made