It's not just what's inside the box that counts! Your pizza box serves many functions as it carries your product to its final destination. Our custom print pizza boxes make it easy. Foodservice moves fast, so let us help create quality packaging without slowing you down.



Choose a custom print design that reflects the quality and performance of your business. It lets your customers know what to expect when they open the box–a hot, fresh pie just out of the oven!


Our custom print boxes are engineered to keep the pizza hot and safe from the elements without burning your driver or the customer as it is being delivered or carried out.


Leave your customers a strong message long after the pie is gone by customizing the very box it arrived in. A pizza box comes in contact with 2.5 persons as it is handled, so maximize your brand’s recognition by including all of your information, designed exactly as you want it.


Pizza Box Options

We provide a variety of box designs customized how you want them with low start up costs and low minimums. Our large selection allows you to find a box and design that best fits your business needs.

Style and Depth of Box

Michigan E-Flute = 1–3/4” deep
B-Flute = 1–7/8” or 1-5/8” deep
Chicago B-Flute = 1–1/2” or 2“ deep

Flute Style

B-Flute = 1/8” thick, stronger less warp, less flex for larger boxes or heavy pizzas

B Flute

E-Flute = 1/16” thick, half the storage space, reduce transport and handling, cost savings

E Flute

Liner Board

Kraft Liner = Natural look, recognized for sustainability, cost savings
White Liner = Sanitary look, prints stand out more, reduce risk of taste/color migration

Combinations Available 

Michigan E-Flute, 7” to 18,” kraft/kraft or white/kraft
B-Flute, 10” to 20,” kraft/kraft, white/white, or white/kraft
Chicago B-Flute, 10” to 16,” kraft/kraft, white/white, or kraft/white

Start Up Costs

One time plate charge. For as little as $150 for printing plates you can have custom print boxes. We can print multiple sizes with one plate to reduce costs. 

Colors Available

Based on GCMI Color Chart: Yellow 13, Orange 80, Red 75, Purple 49, Blue 31, Green 20, Brown 50, Black 90
Box Colors

Minimum Order

6 bundles (300 boxes) per size


We have many standard designs available or you can customize your own boxes.

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