Add Quality and Efficiency to Your Processes and the Plate

Control Your Costs

If you are not currently weighing your steaks, be prepared to be surprised. Most people tend to cut product heavier than accounted for in their menu pricing, which dramatically increases their food cost. With our custom cut meats, you know exactly what each piece costs every time, and because they are pre-cut and trimmed you save on labor costs and increase overall efficiency.

No Waste

Everything that you throw into the trash impacts your bottom line, including the by-products from trimming meats yourself. When using custom cut meats, all product is usable and nothing goes in the trash. If you need stew meat or other by-product, buy them separately and save.

Deliver Consistency

Uniform sizing helps cooking times and plate appearance. Our meats are hand cut by experienced butchers to your exact sizing and quality specifications. All of this not only saves you time, but also creates a consistent experience for your patrons.

Reduce Risk

There is always an inherent risk of injury when choosing to cut your own meats, which is eliminated by letting our facilities do this for you. Our Cryovac® and customized packaging programs not only aid in portion control, but also help to prevent cross-contamination and extend the product's shelf life.  

Confidence in the Cut

Each of our facilities is U.S.D.A. inspected, and follows strict H.A.C.C.P. guidelines. Our experienced butchers ensure quality and consistency with each and every cut.    

Our Facilities

We have 10 meat cutting facilities across the country that offer a wide variety of meats and cuts for you to integrate into your menu:

  • Kinnealey Meats, Brockton, MA
  • Larry Kline Meats, Deerfield Beach, FL
  • Performance Foodservice–Ellenbee   
  • Performance Foodservice–Tampa   
  • Performance Foodservice-Hale
  • Performance Foodservice-Maryland
  • Performance Foodservice–Miami   
  • Performance Foodservice–Middendorf   
  • Performance Foodservice–Metro NY
  • Performance Foodservice–Temple, TX
  • Performance Foodservice–Virginia

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