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Braveheart was designed to offer any restaurant concept the highest quality Black Angus Beef on the market. Our variety of primals and cuts ranges from sought-after steaks to cuts that are perfect for innovative chefs. We also sell whole loins if you like butchering in-house. And, our burgers are unparalleled in terms of cook-size retention, ease of preparation, juicy flavor, and performance.

  • Short Loin: highly marbled tenderloins, filets, T-bones, and porterhouse
  • Sirloin: value, versatility, flavorful tri-tips and roasts
  • Chuck: roasts, short ribs, flat iron steaks
  • Rib: marbled and rich bone-in and boneless roasts
  • Brisket: fork tender and succulent for delicious homestyle favorites
  • Round: top round roasts and deli meats
  • Flank: marination supports rolled steaks and kebabs
  • Short Plate: skirt steaks used for items like fajitas
  • Premium Burgers: pre-formed with special technology
  • Fresh Grinds: ground daily for delectable meatballs, tacos, and sauces

A True Heartland Story

The Braveheart story begins on hardworking family ranches throughout the plains of Kansas and continues an incredible journey to cutting-edge feedyards and facilities, where cattle is carefully monitored and tested by the best pros in the business.

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