Piancone's premium selection of authentic and innovative tomato products are manufactured and produced to rigorous specifications. Consumers will be able to taste the more than 65 years of experience and quality.


Assoluti's perfectly seasoned and blended tomato based products equips operators with the ideal sauce or ingredient for any application - from pear tomatoes, whole peeled, diced, and pizza sauce for a variety of recipe options.


Our Luigi brand is designed for operators who emphasize value-priced consistency and variety. It includes tomato products sourced from California.

Piancone Epicureo

This super-premium brand consists of a portfolio of chef-centric, epicurean specialty tomato products used in fine Italian dining. Carefully vetted, many of these products are sourced directly from Italy.

Ultimo! Supreme

Our Ultimo! tomato products and sauces are ideal for operators who require a full line of pizza ingredients and value-added solutions. It includes items sourced from California.

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