When it comes to marketing, there are plenty of methods of enticing new customers to visit for the first time. Making sure you have an online presence is crucial, and trying new exciting games and contests can be a great pull for new customer–making a meal double as an “event” means a possible longer stay and more food and/or drinks ordered. Try a few of the methods below to see what works for you…and for your customers.

Send an Invite to Food Bloggers

Invite a couple of key food bloggers in your area in for a free meal. Make sure that your staff is fully aware of who they are and when they are coming so you make sure to put your best foot forward. Once you have dazzled them with a great meal and a fun experience hopefully they will be willing to post a great review of your establishment on their site. The more positive reviews you have online the more likely you are to get new customers.

Use an Online Reservation Tool

Try to utilize sites like Open Table or Resy to drive business. An online tool can make things much easier on you, your staff, and most of all your customers. We live in a day and age where some folks would prefer to make a reservation online rather than speak with someone, so make sure you’re giving them the option!

Use Email Newsletters

There's no time like the present to sit down and type out a newsletter to everyone in your email database. Start by thanking your customers for their business and showing your appreciation, Then, give them a sneak peek of upcoming events you have planned for the season.Be sure to let them know about seasonal menu updates, restaurant modifications, and new drink features or specials. Anything and everything that is going on at your place that can entice them to come in and “check it out” should be listed.

Games and Contests

Games and contests are gaining popularity in non-traditional settings. It used to be that people thought these games were just for bars, but not so anymore. More and more restaurants are offering trivia, poker, and other games to get people in the door on slower evenings.

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