Black Friday Shopping Sandwich


  1. Make dressing by directions.
  2. Then once partially cooled, take biscuit rings and place stuffing in the same size ring, pack down some and then let cool to set all the way.
  3. Place turkey and bacon on flat grill to heat.
  4. Take the dressing out of the rings that formed. These are the buns for the sandwich. Place butter on grill and put on the dressing rings.
  5. Flip the turkey and add the cheese.
  6. Place one ring on plate. Add the cheese and turkey, then top with bacon. Spread the mayo on the top ring and sprinkle the cranberries on the mayo. Top with other ring and serve.


  • 1 slice cheese, Muenster
  • 1 oz. cranberries, dried
  • 2 Ridgecrest® Bacon, Applewood Slice(s),
  • 5 oz. Ridgecrest® Turkey, Oven Roasted Whole Breast, sliced
  • 4 oz. sage dressing
  • 2 oz. West Creek® Mayonnaise