May is a month for us to show extra appreciation to the professionals we couldn’t do without —nurses, first responders, and teachers. Show that your business is there for them by offering pop-up shop opportunities, catering orders, and partnerships with organizations.

Bring in the Dough

Pizza is a great way to cater to large groups in a small amount of time due to its popularity and versatility. You can put your secret touch on it and offer different flavor options to please a big crowd. Depending on the person, it’s also good hot and cold which makes transportation a bit easier.

Even if pizza is not typically on your menu, this can be another way you show support during May by offering it for a limited time to nurses, responders, and teachers only. For nearly 70 years, Roma® has delivered ingredients needed to put appreciation on their plates. From dough to tomatoes, cheese to endless toppings, Roma sets the standard for quality and ease.

Special Delivery

Get your restaurant on the road by exploring a mobile kitchen. The hours for these jobs are often long and outside the typical “meal times.” If folks can’t get to your business for a bite, offer a little bit of convenience by bringing your restaurant to them. Maybe you’re already in the food truck game or you’ve dabbled, but if your equipment and staffing allow, this can be a great way to support people and get your name out there at the same time.

Work with administrators at these locations, like schools and hospitals, for logistics ahead of time and check to see if you can set up a booth with limited menu items and special hours. That extra work can really make a difference, and who knows — this could get them excited to visit your restaurant on their off days.

Pizza Party To-Go

Catering and special offers on bulk orders can be a great way to meet the needs of large groups during special weeks of appreciation. You could try offering more catering options than you normally do or give a special limited-time coupon code for large orders for these groups.

First Mark® Carryout Containers are a great choice to help your bulk orders get out in a smooth and organized way. With compartmented trays, you can rest assured your special recipe will make it to its destination just the way you envision it. Bonus points — they’re recyclable while keeping hot food hot and cold food cold.

A Slice of Partnership

Maybe a local organization wants to utilize your business and support nurses, responders, and teachers at the same time. Reach out and network with your community to see if other businesses are interested in sponsoring meals or discounts during an appreciation day or week. You can spread the word about your restaurant, show your appreciation for these essential professionals, but not have to worry about a huge hit to costs. Pizza is still a great option for this type of partnership since it’s quick and easy.

However you decide to show your support for these amazing professionals throughout the next month, think outside the box with pizza!

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