Whether it’s cold brew, matcha, or an espresso martini — coffee, tea, and their variations are frequently trending.

Brew up some fun desserts and drinks and try your hand at cooking with caffeine. Sweet, savory, decaf, bold, iced, or hot — coffee and tea can find a way onto your menus.

The Global Sensation

While coffee and tea are enjoyed differently in all parts of the world, they are both still a staple on each of the seven continents. The taste can bring familiar and nostalgic memories while also adding a unique twist to the flavors of a dish. Not ready to add coffee or tea to your specials just yet? Consider simply adding a premium cup to the beverage menu. Guest House® Premium Teas begin with the finest leaves from the world’s foremost gardens, masterfully blended for unsurpassed taste and aroma. Adding some form of coffee or tea to your menu can create a universal culinary experience enjoyed by many.

Why Cook with Coffee?

Experts from Coda Coffee® travel throughout the world to create relationships with small farms that produce exceptional beans. Working with fair-trade farmers and expert roasters, Coda crafts a classic cup, perfected, with ingredients that really do matter. Coda offers a range of roasts, from flavor profiles of caramel, honeysuckle, and melon, to the rich and complex, with nutty and milk chocolate, as well as floral, sweet, and citrus blends.

Quality offerings like Coda can align with seasoned dishes to bring new flavor to a variety of plates. Consider coffee as another spice in your spice rack. It has the ability to enhance flavors or add a unique contrast. Coffee is so versatile it can be used in both desserts and main courses, adding a smoky, robust, or earthy characteristic that works in everything from meat marinades to syrups.

Feast your eyes on a Braveheart® Coda Coffee Crusted Brisket or wrap your hands around this decadent Coda Q Burger, seasoned with a mixture of beef rub, sugar, and coffee. Utilize leftover brewed coffee grounds in marinades, dry rubs, or baking, cutting down on food waste in your kitchen.

Dessert Pairings

Serve up an after-dinner coffee order with dessert options that complement the roasty drink. One classic and undisputed coffee pairing is chocolate. If you have something rich and chocolatey already on your dessert menu, use upselling techniques to suggest it with a coffee order! Chocolate cake or brownies go best with a dark roast or espresso. For lighter or fruity desserts like pies or cookies, pair with a light roast. Guest House Chai Black tea pairs with a lemon cake or shortbread cookie, elevating the teas flavor and rich balance of ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, and star anise. For even more variety — try adding a coffee/tea and dessert flight for a limited-time special.

Decaf and Mocktail Options

Steep outside the box and explore menu choices that leave out the caffeine or alcohol, altogether. A caffeine-free drink or ingredient can offer the flavor profile you’re looking for without the extra kick. Maybe you offer a great tiramisu, but guests shy away from the caffeine that comes with it. There are many nonalcoholic beverage options that can play up that espresso martini or dessert with alcohol-free liquor, decaf, or caffeine free mixers like herbal teas or matcha — matcha sour, minty hibiscus tea, or apple cinnamon chai, just to name a few.

Coffee and tea lovers will be excited to find their favorite beverage tactfully added into your already delicious selections. If you serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late-night menu, add some heat with coffee or tea!

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