In stressful times, people are far less likely to cook. Instead they often find comfort in prepared meals. Now’s the time to offer family-style takeout that is easy to grab and go, and you’ll keep customers connected to your business.

Try These Ideas

  • Offer a to-go special on certain nights of the week or weekend when families are more likely to need family-style options.
  • Choose a meal that complements your restaurant model. Do you serve Mexican cuisine? How about a fiesta feast to go? Italian? Try pizza, a salad, and dessert all packaged together. Choosing the right foods to feature can help you maximize your profits.
  • Families love whole roasted chickens, and our West Creek® Whole Chickens are some of the highest quality birds around. Bake the whole thing and sell it with some sides—go Latin-inspired with Contigo® Salsa, Contigo Corn Tortillas and Mexican-style rice and beans, or make it Southern with West Creek Dixie Chopped Coleslaw, West Creek Homestyle Potato Salad, and Heritage Ovens® Biscuits.
  • Another easy family favorite is a signature pasta dish in a family-size portion served with Heritage Ovens Garlic Bread and a salad.
  • If you’re a fan of smoke, a barbecue night is another easy way to attract customers. Sell a pint of smoked West Creek Pork Butt along with your favorite West Creek Barbecue Sauce, baked beans, mac and cheese, and Heritage Ovens Brioche Sandwich Rolls.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

It’s also easy to throw in a few Heritage Ovens Chocolate Chip Cookies or some Contigo Flan or Sopapillas. Dessert is a hugely enticing comfort food, so be sure to fill your restaurant with sweet aromas in the event customers carry out.

For more takeout solutions, check out our One Source Restaurant Operations guide.

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