As far as steaks go, beef tenderloin sits atop the throne in tenderness, desirability, and unfortunately price. However, there is a little known cut of meat out there that will never dethrone the tenderloin, but has solidly secured the second spot. 

The teres major-also known as shoulder tender, petite tender, beef shoulder petite roast, bistro tender or bistro filet-is a beef cut that is starting to gain traction in the foodservice landscape.

Cut from the beef shoulder or chuck, the teres major steak is quite tender and is very similar in texture and flavor profile to a beef tenderloin. Whether it is cut and grilled, sauteed, roasted, or utilized in most any other cooking application, the teres major performs exceptionally well without breaking the bank. Depending on beef market pricing and availability, teres major can run as much as 50% less than traditional beef tenderloin.

The next time you are reworking your menu and looking for new beef options, consider adding a few dishes to your menu made with teres major. It offers great versatility as well as tremendous profit potential. While the cut can certainly be substituted for any recipe that includes beef tenderloin, here is a recipe to get your creative juices flowing: Beef Tenderloin Medallions over Penne with Walnut Cream Sauce.

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