Serving seafood during Lent means big money for your business. In fact, several studies have shown that restaurants who offer seafood specials on Fridays during those 40 days can increase seafood sales by up to 20 percent. Since seafood items are already some of your higher dollar menu items, this is a good time to get creative with your menu and see serious results.

As customers become more educated, they are also becoming more interested in the origin of their seafood. Luckily, our exclusive brands boast a number of seafood selections that are sourced from the United States. Put these items on your menu and proudly share the stories of where they are caught.

Talk to your sales representative to get a full list of all our American-caught seafood, but here is a sampling to start with. We've also got a delicious recipe for each option.

Empire's Treasure® Scallops

Our premium scallops are caught off in North Atlantic waters from Maine to Virginia and come in a variety of sizes. Of course we often see scallops seared or breaded on menus, but we have a fun appetizer option—Scallop and Basil Egg Rolls with Sriracha Mustard. Easy to put together and full of flavor, these crispy bites are hard to resist.

Bay Winds® Maine Lobster Meat

That's right, Bay Winds Lobster comes straight from the place that's world famous for delicious lobster. We love serving it straight up steamed with melted butter, but to mix up your lunch menu might we suggest a Lobster Sandwich with Jicama Fennel Slaw?

Empire's Treasure Calamari

These Calamari Rings and Tentacles come from squid caught in North Atlantic waters and are lightly dusted in a proprietary coating. Of course, this calamari is perfect simply fried and served with your favorite dipping sauce, but it's also worthy of upstyling in a Calamari Po Boy with Caviar.

Bay Winds Pacific Cod

Our Bay Winds Cod is pot-caught in Alaska in boats that are owned by a nonprofit community development group that funds community development projects. Try serving it as an entree with this unique Potato-Wrapped Cod Fillet recipe.

Empire's Treasure Oysters

These oysters are wild-caught in Texas and Louisiana and cryogenically frozen within hours to retain 100 percent of the natural juices and flavors. Simply defrost and serve on ice, or in a traditional Creole favorite—Oysters Rockefeller.

To learn about more of our American seafood varieties, talk to your sales representative today. Or, become a customer!

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