Combo meals draw heavy traffic from young adults and families. Without much effort, you can take the same items on your menu, bundle them together in a way that appeals to indecisive customers and yields you more profit.

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Select your top selling lunch items and pair them with a popular side dish and beverage. Limit the combo selections to keep it simple. You will notice that most of the national chain quick-serve restaurants keep it less than 10 per meal. Keep your combo meals consistent week in, week out.

If you normally sell:

  • Sandwich for $5.95
  • Fries for $1.95
  • Medium Soda $1.50

This would cost $9.40 – you can offer the combo meal for $8.95. Another very popular combo is ½ and ½:

  • Get a small salad with ½ a sandwich
  • Get a cup of soup with ½ a sandwich or a small salad
  • Again add a soda for a combo price

If you normally sell:

  • Full size sandwich for $5.95 (1/2 for $3.00)
  • Salad for $2.95
  • Soup Cup $2.95
  • Medium Soda $1.50

The ½ and ½ plus soda at normal price would be $7.45 – offer the combo for $7.50 or even $7.95 and make more money. They will order this for the convenience of having a variety.

A Plethora of Combo Opportunities with our Performance Brands

And guess what else is great about combo meals? Performance Foodservice has everything you need to make some high-end pairings that will impress your customers both in presentation and flavor.

Need a Great Soup Base?

Our high-quality Ridgecrest Soup Bases are a perfect start to a great soup, offering versatility with very little cost, and saving you hours in prep time in the kitchen. You'll appreciate the range of unique flavors, and you’ll also love how easily the very same products can be used not just for delicious soups, but to season proteins or create flavored butters to finish your favorite meats, fish dishes, seafood, and much more. And rest assured; our Performance Foodservice soup bases contain no MSG, and do not contain any gluten ingredients (rye, wheat, or barley).

Need Sandwich fixin's?

We have that too! Our Ridgecrest and West Creek brands have a wide variety of deli meats, while our West Creek sliced cheeses will be the perfect topper to a sandwich piled high with delicious protein. Our Peak Fresh Produce brand can provide you with some tomatoes, lettuce, and onion, and our Village Garden or Piancone dressings work as a sandwich spread or dipping sauce. Place all of these delicious ingredients between some Heritage Ovens bread…and by golly, you’ve got a sandwich your customers will remember. Need a pickle or a bag of chips as a side? Our Rye Street brand has those too! Performance Foodservice has everything you need for a memorable combo meal.

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