Our leading brand, Allegiance®, comes from the top 20 percent of hogs available in the U.S. and endures the highest specifications in the industry. Allegiance® comes from a single‑source Midwest family farm (24 farms) and a single‑source packer. This, coupled with our PathProven® program, ensures the highest, consistent quality, great marbling, fork-tender, delicious taste. Ridgecrest, Performance Foodservice’s other exclusive brand, provides chefs with the highest levels of quality and consistency. From applewood smoked bacon and ham, breakfast sausage, and high-end deli meats, our exclusive center-of-the-plate solutions help to inspire great recipes.


Allegiance® is the highest-level pork on the market, featuring the best cuts from hogs raised to exacting specifications.


Our exclusive center-of-the-plate solutions provide discerning chefs with the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Butcher Slicing a Fresh Slab of Beef Butcher Slicing a Fresh Slab of Beef

Custom Cut Meats

Cut and trimmed to exacting customer specifications and packaged for ease of use, our custom meat facilities deliver quality and consistency every time, are U.S.D.A. inspected, and follow strict H.A.A.C.C.P. guidelines. Our experienced butchers ensure quality and consistency with every cut.

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