To alleviate the stressors of hiring, Performance Foodservice has created tools and marketing materials to help you improve your digital recruitment practices. Our new Now Hiring templates for operators include the following assets:

  • Social Media Tips & Templates
  • Yard Sign Templates
  • Bag Stuffers & Postcard Templates
  • Poster Templates
  • Window Decals
  • Flag Banner (static)

All these assets are now available through Menuetta at: Click here.


Assemble A Dream Team

Tips for Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining Employees

Conversations to Have with Returning Staff

Being clear and up front with staff will establish expectations as you re-open.

Creating a Culture of Good Mental Health for Employees

Checking in on the mental well being of your staff may be the single most important thing you can do right now to keep your staff well and your business running smoothly.

Recruiting Recon

We believe that local restaurants still have plenty to offer employees, and we’ve used our industry knowledge to do some recon.

Restaurant Hiring: Navigating the Labor Shortage

According to 7shifts' restaurant industry data, shifts scheduled are recovering at a slower rate than sales.

Tips for Employee Retention and Appreciation

Learn how to retain your restaurant staff, hire better, and train more efficiently.

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Staff

Learn our tips for how to recruit and hire quality seasonal staff in your restaurant, keep them engaged, and retain good employees.

Tips to Manage Labor Cost

Operators can’t increase profits without keeping an eye on labor cost. Here are some easy ways to keep this critical cost under control.

Waiter holding serving plate of food Waiter holding serving plate of food

Keep Your Staff Happy

Keeping staff trained, morale up, and associate retention high are all part of running a restaurant too. Our One Source Solution Partners are ready to jump in and help. With training programs on allergens, food safety, and scheduling systems to keep staff in sync, partners can help you invest in your staff and keep them for the long haul.

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