Invisible bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms have the power to shut down any culinary establishment and tarnish the reputation of a chef, no matter how good the food. So, how can operators keep these undesirables under control? The answer isn't a surprise: proper handwashing and glove wearing.

Operators that enforce proper hand washing before donning gloves can reap the benefits of both cross-contamination prevention methods. Neither method is sufficient on its own. Bare hands, even if thoroughly washed, can only be made safer by wearing gloves. Likewise, gloves do not replace hand washing. Users must apply both methods.

To effectively apply this approach, users must change gloves when switching to different tasks and wash their hands each time. They also must make sure hands are dry before donning gloves, as added moisture can make the inside of gloves a more favorable environment for eager bacteria.

So, there it is. Operators can keep food clean and their businesses up and running by enforcing proper hand washing, adding a glove barrier and carefully managing food tasks. Now the question is, “Which glove for which task?” These gloves from First Mark® are the ideal solution for protecting food safety in every part of your kitchen.

  • First Mark Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves: Ultra-durable and flexible, these black nitrile gloves will provide excellent protection, especially useful when breaking down raw meats and deboning fish.
  • First Mark Latex Disposable Glove: Made of natural rubber latex, these gloves are highly elastic and can be used to protect patrons and staff as well as for precise tasks like slicing and chopping.
  • First Mark Vinyl Disposable Glove: These gloves are made of high-quality vinyl, allowing for a tight, form-fitting design that can be used for a wide variety of food service tasks like handling hot sandwiches and prepping salads.
  • First Mark Poly Disposable Gloves: The most lightweight, these poly gloves are perfect when quick, frequent glove changes are required and for serving baked good or sandwiches.

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