Curbside, take-out and delivery are here to stay.

Whether you are preparing to re-open and haven’t implemented one of these offerings, or you are looking for tools and ideas to help you become more efficient, we have resources to help.

Consider the Following:

  • Limit your take-out menu to items that can be packaged up to travel well.
  • Account for all packaging and labor in your menu pricing
  • Research the 3rd party delivery platforms that are right for you.
  • Map out your parking lot and exterior spaces to account for all services you plan to offer (take-out, dine-in, delivery or curbside).

Additional Resources:

*This information is presented for guidance only, and is not a formal endorsement or recommendation of a particular response. This information is not legal, financial, medical, or safety advice. Please consult the CDC and your state’s department of public health for up-to-date guidance for your location.

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