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Our Roma brand combines more than 65 years of heritage to bring the best Italian ingredients to America. In 1951, at the age of 20, Louis G. Piancone left Corato, Italy, for the United States. In 1955, Piancone decided to pursue the true American dream and opened an Italian delicatessen in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

Noticing a need for wholesale distribution to restaurants in the area, in 1964 he sold the retail side of his business. He moved his focus to supplying authentic Italian food to restaurants and Roma Food was born. Today Roma combines this tradition with a dedication to sourcing the best Italian products, both traditional and innovative. Roma is the leading foodservice brand for authentic Italian food and impeccable service.

And, we're not just experts on food. We have you covered on all the equipment and supplies you need to keep your restaurant running - everything from cookware to cleaning supplies. Visit and start saving today!

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Ready the elevate your Italian menu? Explore our extensive product guides and embark on a culinary journey through the Old World of savory flavors and delectable toppings. Tomato-based products have an unparalleled recipe versatility that extends across every menu and are integral to cuisines around the world. Our Pizza Marketplace Guide goes a step further to look at the full breadth of pizza-related products and services Performance Foodservice has to offer.

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